Hello, fellow oboe enthusiasts! Welcome to Manhattan Reeds, where the magic of oboe reed craftsmanship comes to life. We're not just a regular reed manufacturing company; we're a passionate team of music-loving artisans on a mission to make you sound as good as possible.

Our story begins in 2023, when a bunch of oboists got together with a shared vision – to make professional-sounding reeds easily accessible to all oboe players, no matter the level. We've spent countless hours honing our craft and experimenting with various techniques to create the perfect blend of sound quality and ease of play for our reeds.

Our Heart and Soul in Every Reed

At Manhattan Reeds, we believe that every reed is an extension of our passion for music. We handpick the finest cane with love and care, using our skills to sculpt each reed to perfection. You can bet we're perfectionists, and we won't rest until every reed sings with a rich and resonant voice. Our dedication to quality ensures that each reed will deliver the performance you deserve and empower you to play with confidence and expressiveness every time you pick up your oboe.

Let's Make Music Together

Thanks for stopping by and letting us become a part of your musical adventure. We can't wait for you to try our reeds and join our wonderful community of oboists. Embrace the joy of playing the oboe with Manhattan Reed’s reeds, where your sound becomes our purpose.

Keep playing, keep smiling, and let the music lead the way!