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Student / Professional Oboe Reeds

Student / Professional Oboe Reeds

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Student reeds - ideal for oboists with 2-4 years of playing experience.

Professional reeds - ideal for oboists with 4+ years of playing experience. 

Our oboe reeds use an American style scrape and are made with carefully selected cane to ensure the highest performance and quality. All of our reeds classify as "MEDIUM-SOFT," and strike the perfect balance between resistance and ease of use, allowing students to develop good embouchure habits and learn proper airflow techniques.

We prioritize good intonation, rich tone quality, easy response, and clean articulation, across all registers. Student / intermediate reeds slightly sacrifice tone quality to ensure an extra easy response while playing. Each reed is meticulously handcrafted, made-to-order, and undergoes a multi-day finishing process to ensure stability. Additionally, all reeds are thoroughly tested on a professional Loree Royal oboe set at A=440 and are sanitized before being shipped.

For an additional $1 per reed, you can select from the colors that we have listed.

To estimate the waiting time for your reed, please refer to our waitlist, which can be accessed by clicking here. Alternatively, you have the option to expedite your order by selecting our priority waitlist or, for more urgent needs, our next-day emergency reed service. For comprehensive information on our waitlist upgrade options, please consult the detailed explanation provided on our waitlist page.

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